Best Quadcopter Drones for Sale with HD Camera LED Lights Green Drone BONUS BATTERY 2X FlightTime

Please use Energizer batteries with the remote controller. Duracell are not working properly! Great Drone product with all the extras. *BONUS BATTERY* Extended flight time with 2 superior upgraded batteries. LED lights on this drone will light up the night. Flight stability makes it easy for beginners and better control over drone. HD camera allows for birds eye photos. Lots of fun for the entire family!! FAQ: 1-What if my drone is not hovering correctly or drifting to the side? Reset the drone factory defaults by turning the remote controller and drone power on. Then move the left joystick to the bottom left corner of the controller and the right joystick to the bottom right corner at the same time. The drone lights should blink indicating that the drone has reset. The 2 small buttons below the right joystick adjust the drones trim to stabilize the drone. 2-How do I control the drones speed? The top left button on the controller controls the speed with Demo1 mode being normal speed, Demo 2 is faster speed and Demo 1/2 the fastest speed. 3-How do I connect/sync the controller and drone together? The drone will sync with the controller by moving the left joystick up and then down on the controller and the propellers will engage and spin. 4- Should I install the prop guards and screws? Yes the prop guards protect the gears and motors and should always be installed. 5- How long should I charge the drone batteries and long is the flight time for each battery? Charge about 2 hours for about 15 minutes of flight time per battery charge. Do not overcharge! 6-What if one of the propellers are not spinning properly? See answer for question #1 to reset the drones factory defaults. If this does not work please contact the seller for replacement parts. 7- Where do I get replacement parts? Please contact the seller at [email protected] 8- How do I install and operate the camera? Plug the 3 prong connector into the drone and clip the camera onto the bottom of the drone.