Droneware GeoCMS

Product Features

  • SaaS offering that extracts drone sensor metadata upon upload (latitude/longitude, date, sensor type, file type and more)
  • Assigns unique filename to each file based on user defined criteria
  • Metadata editor allows for metadata enhancement and comments after ingestion
  • Browse by hierarchy after ingestion (recently ingested, day, week, month); Search via basemap, temporal and keyword/metadata
  • File Format support: JPEG, JPEG 2000, high resolution digital negative formats from Canon, Nikon, and sensors supporting Adobe DNG (TIFF/EP) format, MP4, MOV
(as of 10/23/2021 01:03 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Droneware is a web based geospatial content management system (GeoCMS) customized for UAV/UAS utilization. The software utilizes drone GPS coordinates at the time the drone’s sensor captures data to allow the information to be retrieved and displayed geospatially on a base map. Hosted in the Amazon cloud, data is safe, secure, backed up and accessible from anywhere in the world anytime. Droneware is simple and easy to use, providing a valuable tool for commercial utilization or for the hobbyist. Droneware builds a catalog of geospatially tagged data resources that can be used for analytics or just plain fun!

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