Ehang Ghost-basic Rc Aerial Quadcopter Intelligent Multi-rotor Aerial Robot for Android Smartphone (Red)

Product Description

Diagonal Distance: 360mm
Drone Height:100mm
Height with Landing gears:190mm
Drone Weight:650g
Weight with Gimbal & Camera:1000g
Maximum Flight Distance:1000m
Maximum Flight Height:1000m
Hover Precision:±2m(influenced by flying environment)
Wind Resistance:<10.7m/s
Operating Environment Temperature:-15°- +70°
Flight Control Maximum Power Rate:5W([email protected])
Flight Control Rated Power :1.5W([email protected])
Flight Time:18-23min
Battery:xt60 connector 3-cell 11.1v 5.4Ah Lipo
GPS:Ublox 6 parallely compacted compass
Communication Method:433mhz 80mw standard 2.4G channel communicator
Flight Control:Ehang Flight Control System