Ei-Hi S900R 2.4G Headless RTF Quadcopter Drone for GoPro with Includes 720P HD FPV Camera (Silver, Compatible with GoPro Hero 4)

FPV Software Download and Installation Guide:
For Android users, please visit www.ei-hi.com to download the “CAMTECH” software. For Apple users, go to the app store and download the “CAMTECH” app.

1. Make sure all wires from the camera to the drone are properly connected and secured.
2. Power on the quadcopter, there’s an indicator light at the bottom of the drone for the FPV camera.
3. On your smart phone, go into settings and locate your WIFI connections.
4. Search for CAMTECH, and connect to the camera’s WIFI.
5. After it has successfully connected, open the CAMTECH app itself.
6. Click the “CONNECT” located in the center of your screen to enter the control interface and see the real-time video.

Pairing Your Drone and Transmitter:
1. Start by having both drone and remote controller switched off.
2. Firstly power on the drone, then the remote controller.
3. Move the left joystick up, then down, completely.
4. You should hear a sound indicator. Your drone and controller are now paired.

Headless Mode:
Once your drone and transmitter are paired and successfully connected, press the light switch for 2-3 seconds until you hear 2 beeps. The lights of the quadcopter should now be flashing, not static.

One Key Return:
While the quadcopter is enabled to flying in headless mode, press the one key return button, also known as the light switch (located in the upper left of the controller), and the quadcopter will fly towards the user. Press the one key return button again, or operate the forward/backward joystick, and the quadcopter will automatically exit the one key return function.