Xiangtat EMAX Nighthawk 250 Carbon Fiber Frame Combo CC3D MT2204 2300KV Motor 12A ESC CC3D flight controller 6030 carbon fiber propellers

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  • EMAX Nighthawk 250 Carbon Fiber Frame Combo CC3D MT2204 Motor 12A ESC
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Brand: EMAX

Item name: Nighthawk 250 Quadcopter Combo

Material: pure carbon fiber frame (blue, green and red theree color: Random delivery)

Arm plate thickness: 3mm

Wheelbase: 280mm

Weight: 129g (┬▒5g)

With rubber damper to decrease vibration during flight.

Aluminum alloy spacer, light weight, reliable.

MT2204 2300KV Motors:

Low CG design, decreasing vibration when motors run.

Designed for mini multi-copter, better flight performance.

Simon ESC:

Based on SimonK firmware, further optimized to the perfect drive performance and can be flashed with Blheli firmware.

CC3D flight controller:

Designed from the ground up by a community of passionate developers from around the globe, with its core design principals being quality, safety, and ease of use.

Package included:

1 x 250 pure carbon fiber frame kit

4 x 6030 carbon fiber propellers (2pcs CW and 2pcs CCW)

4 x Simon 12A ESC

4 x MT2204-2300KV motor

1 x CC3D flight controller

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