XTracGear Drone XL Drone Landing Pad

Drone XL by XTracGear built with dual purpose in mind and mastery for both. The Drone XL is both an easy to see takeoff and landing zone for small to medium size drones and rc devices as well as a precision computer gamer mat. With its bold contrast high definition (HD) design in black and white, the Drone XL stands out as a proven leader in both drone landing pads and computer gaming mats. Roll it up take it with you, lay it down and have fun. While you are at it, get 2 so you can practice your drone flying skills today. Test your skills with two Drone XL landing mats and challenge your friends in family for some drone games. Be the envy of all the kids in your class by displaying your drone flying prowess by landing on the Drone XL by XTracGear. *Please note that the mouse/laptop and any/all items pictured in product image(s) is for sizing purposes only and not included with the actual mouse pad product.